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A derogatory term used by perverts to describe persons who believe homosexual practices are perversions.
Evolutionist: I believe homosexual perversion is unnatural and against survival of our culture as strongest and fittest.

Christian: I believe any sexual activity outside of holy matrimony (opposite sex marriage) is sin.

Muslim: Allah requires submission of all persons to heterosexual lifestyles.

Sexual Pervert to Evolutionist: It is perfectly natural that homosexual genes should expand exponentially in culture. You are just a homophobe bigot.

Sexual pervert to Christian: Just because every previous western empire was destroyed from within by rampant sexual perversion is no reason not to make practicers of sexual perversions a specially protected class of citizens. You are just a homophobe bigot.

Sexual pervert to Muslim: Please don't kill me, I will be GLAD to go back in the closet. I would never call you a homophobe bigot.
by Vexed Lot December 02, 2009

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