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A noun.

A given name to describe a person with good intentions.
Jerry is a sweetheart,I slept with him in the same bed throughout the camping period and he didn't touch me.
by Vavvaah November 19, 2018

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In East Africa, swahili slang. It means hurry hurry,faster faster or quickly.
Chap! Chap! We're late for church.
You need to do that homework Chap! Chap!
by Vavvaah April 06, 2017

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It's a vagina designed vibrator toy with an average sized tunnel of four to six inches long to fit the hand palm usually closed or open-ended made for travel companions to tuck away in their carry on bags.
I recommend a pocket pussy for my husband when he travels abroad.
Pocket pussy fulfills men desire when their wives are missing in action.
by Vavvaah April 09, 2017

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An Abbreviation popularly used in southern United States to mean white girls with big butts.

It stands for Phat Ass White Girls.

Plural: Pawg's
Last night I had sex with a pawg.

Dude, there are so many Pawg's living in Miami.
by Vavvaah February 01, 2019

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A land or grounds with institutional buildings such as University's . It could be an academic or non academic institution.
I parked my car somewhere on campus.
Campus is a definitely a chill zone.
We were spotted kissing on campus.
by Vavvaah December 15, 2018

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Talking to yourself .

It could be internal or out loud.
I'm preparing a monologue for tomorrow's acting audition.
by Vavvaah December 14, 2018

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In and out sound made by the tongue when it licks liquid or a paste like something i.e ice cream
His tongue squelchey whenever he licks my vagina .
The dog squelchey whenever it drinks water from the pond.
His tongue squelchey whenever he licks ice cream off my back.
by Vavvaah November 04, 2016

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