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To shit.
BRB, I have to go disingest my burrito.
by Valerie Morghulis April 06, 2017

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The favorite insult of people whose feelings are so delicate that they elected a fascist dictator because they didn't like being called out for racism.
I'll teach you to deflate my white supremacist ego, you snowflake.
by Valerie Morghulis February 11, 2017

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I'm not a white supremacist, I'm alt-right! What sort of jewish homosexual cuck would have a problem with alternative things?
by Valerie Morghulis September 12, 2017

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When a presidency is stricken from the records, all of its deeds immediately canceled, and the country goes on as if it never happened.
Don't we all wish presidential annulment was a thing right now
by Valerie Morghulis January 24, 2018

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When Christians are offended by not being the center of the universe.
"Merry Christmas!"
"I'm not a Christian."
by Valerie Morghulis November 29, 2017

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The brazenly cynical brand of hypocrisy displayed by Donald Trump and his administration.
Forms of trumpocrisy include:
1. Nominating a "strict constructionist" to the Supreme Court while disobeying a federal court order to allow Muslim legal residents into the country.
2. Spending a year railing against your opponent's possible use of an unsecured phone, then having your whole administration do the same thing.
3. Going on a rant in 2012 about how the Electoral College is phony and grounds for a revolution, then singing its praises when you win the presidency by the Electoral College alone.
by Valerie Morghulis January 31, 2017

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1. An advance warning given to people suffering from PTSD that something awful they have experienced is about to be discussed or shown. Essentially a courtesy extended to people who have already been through more in their lives than most people will ever go through, especially as recovery from PTSD takes a long time and must be done with trained professionals.

2. In the weird alternate universe found only in the fantasies of wingnuts, an Orwellian tactic used by the left to keep new ideas out.
1. (actually happens) Just a trigger warning for survivors who haven't fully recovered, we are about to talk about rape.

2. (only happens in the minds of wingnuts) Trigger warning: today we are discussing the casualties of the Cultural Revolution. Maoists should escape now to avoid being triggered by this information!
by Valerie Morghulis March 30, 2017

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