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Kyle plays fortnite 24/7, has a fear of treadmills and can barely make it to his fridge after a sweaty fortnite session. Only just started walking to school with his “friends” that live in the same area as him to walk to school as well. Mans on damolas dick and has a wormhole of crisps in his pocket and got a 6 in this geography test (not grade 6, score of 6 out of 30) he once used “says u flip flop” as an insult and constantly says “WE WIN” and “point proven” he also frequently punches through drywall. He frequently drinks monsters (the canned drink)
Kyle: “yeah isn’t it”
Romeo “huh”
Romeo “wdym”
Kyle “yeah Romeo”
Kyle: “point proven”
by UrbanDictionaryPigOfEpicness July 15, 2019

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Nigerian name. Short for oyedamola

Some guy who is shorter than other people despite always saying that he’s taller than everyone. The second his mouth opens his bumlick army assembles on command. Can barely dunk a basketball
Romeo: *posts a picture*
Damola: I’m taller than you soo
Romeo: Wdym I didn’t even diss u that bad kale got a worse beating
Kyle: I’m just not tho am I
by UrbanDictionaryPigOfEpicness July 05, 2019

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Gaelic for "first in line everywhere when called by name“
Lithuanian for “falls over easily”

Boy who constantly falls over repeatedly, injury-prone, and has a fear of treadmills. Can’t stand up straight as he is bent and is generally lost. He’s really shit at 2k and can’t pack a galaxy Opel to save his life. He makes Ben look smart and Olly look like a genius and looks like the next Einstein. He always says he’s getting bullied but really isn’t. Bumlicks a guy called Damola.
He’s a great person.... occasionally. He’s very funny... to make fun of
Me: “Wow Aaron is really nice I want to be him when I’m Older“
Aaron “Sure den”
Me: “no you”
Aaron: “says you flippin”
by UrbanDictionaryPigOfEpicness July 05, 2019

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Man.... This guy laughs at walls for no reason. Manipulates name quite a lot (such as "Jamie" being "Jamie James") and also says his catchphrase "ting Tao" which gets annoying sometimes. Guy is on lil moseys dick 24/7 and every time he releases a new song hes like "OMG HOW HAVE NOT HEARD IT YET" even though it was released the day before. Man also spends thousands of pounds on designer stuff and breaks it in the first few hours if wearing them (he broke his vapormaxes in the first few days) he also likes Jess.
No even a single soul:
Romeo: lIL MoSEy iS tHE bESt!
by UrbanDictionaryPigOfEpicness July 10, 2019

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Bangla for frequent money spender
He is an awesome person but he is an:

Guy who starts arguments over nothing. Bumlicks some guy called Romeo and hangs with him 24/7 and is pretty lost without his emotional support. Quite a wus since after any tiny inconvenience will make a big fuss. He will also repeat a joke that you have said better ten times louder so that everyone hears.
(Btw he has no foreskin) not that that matters since he will never get a girl to look at his chode. He is quite Racist to anyone that’s not his own race
Has spent £93 on Fortnite in January 2019 and £363 pounds in the past year mainly on fortnite.
Normally called Jewish bOi by his friends
Also takes pysch games too seriously
Flynn: “i want to be ben when I’m older”

Ben: “hold up buster think about what your doing"
by UrbanDictionaryPigOfEpicness July 10, 2019

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His body is small and his penis is smaller. Acts hard but is clearly a mummy’s boy deep down, although not apparent at first glance. Longing to hop on his iPad and play football manager. Constantly on this irrelevant Portuguese twat called Bruno Fernandes and his transfer to Man United. Frequently says ‘Letttts gooo’. Lives next to a primary school, coincidence? I think not. (He’s 15 btw) Scored many own goals and caused many penalties (which resulted in goals). Just a bit of a speck tbh
Romeo: Apparently its false information

Wow Ben
Ben: yh but imagine
Romeo: yh but i can’t imagine
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by UrbanDictionaryPigOfEpicness January 21, 2020

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