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It is the elite club of whipped workhorses when sales are down in your industry.


The staff is already too small to cut from, so corporate will take five percent of your pay to offset what they call "loss"

Technically, it's not a loss at all.

Just less profit for those already lining their pockets with your grocery money.

Considered communism.

Everyone could still win, but won't.
CEO: We've had to make a hard decision today. Sales are down. To make up for it, everyone will take a 5% cut in pay until further notice. We will do this as a whole. Everyone is important to the team. We are a company of people. People are our biggest resource. Without our people, we are nothing.

Workhorses: So we're all now five percenter's. At least we still have jobs.

CEO: Fire one person from each market.

Workhorses: What an ass.
by Upperdecker Jay February 16, 2009
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