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A group of "men" who use vagisil and other womenly products because they "feel good about themselves". In other words, they have no wangs, balls, muscles, or testosterone. They act like fags (surprise) while claiming they aren't. You see them on TV shows a lot. Actually, you see them everywhere. I HATE YOU FUCKING FAGS! I MEAN, METROSEXUALS!
Let's get all the metrosexuals together by announcing a gay orgy. They like stuff like that, so they'll all come running. Then, we won't let them use any make up or vagisil for an entire hour! It'll make them go nuts! Even worse, we could have them do actual work! They would whine, though:
"I'm sweating! Can we stop? Pleeeease????"
"I think I broke a fingernail. Boo hoo hoo!"

You fags. You disgust me.
by Uncle Bob Tay February 28, 2005

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