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the most simple, but !thA beSt! shoe ever made. NOT meant to be worn in the cold, (U idIOTs that wEAr them with mInI sKiRtS in 20 degree weather!) but easy to color cordinate with any outfit (your flip-flops should be the color that you wear the most of in your outfit, or you can just wear black or white flip-flops). they look so cute with your tight jeans and fitted polo!!! *Do NOT spend $39.95 on some DAM flip-flops, go to oldnavy and get 2 pairs for $5.00, they are just as sturdy and cute.
it was a hot summer day, Shada just got her feet done and was ready to go to the mall. she wore her american eagle skirt, pink aeropostale polo, and her pink flip-flops.
by Um ya3H okAy April 02, 2006

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