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Alabama is the best state in the United States. I've lived here for most of my life. The media characterizes Alabama as nothing but a bunch of hicks who wear overalls has a confederate flag and screws their sisters. In fact, every state has that whether the admit it or not.Everyone thinks we are racists but we are not. Down here everybody understands each other and gets along. You can't find that in places like L.A. and New York and such. College football is god down here. It's where during the fall a holiday is every saturday when Alabama plays. Anyone who is someone in Alabama knows who Paul "Bear" Bryant is. We hate Orange and Blue together because of Auburn. The Iron Bowl is one of the biggest days of the year.Familes friends and hosehoulds are divided once a year for this game. Everyone grills out and has plenty of beer. Alabama is where we have fun mudd riding and such. Also..Alabama has some of the most gorgeous girls in the states besides the Georgia Peaches.
Guy talking to his girlfriend

Guy: Are you ready for the Iron Bowl this year?

Girl: Yeah you Alabama fans are going down this time.
by UA Tony UA July 15, 2006
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