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a boy who is fond of the store nike very much. usually is found wearing nice clothes. some casy's like girls named taylor. casy's usually play sports such as, wrestling, soccer, track, and base-ball. But they don't normally make base-ball teams becasue of their attitudes. so with that, they normaly have bad attitudes and very very low tolerance. and sometimes because of his actions people will stop talking to him because he can be very obnoxious. Also when eating, they spit their food everywhere and repulse the people around him. they say raunchey a lot. along with the mouth casy's tend to foam at the mouth like wild animals. also they tend to take on a weezel formation.
Omg guys, he was acting like a casy today! it was really annoying.
ewwww! He was such a casy when he spit his apple in my face and then said raunchey!
by Turdzzzzzzz March 23, 2008
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