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a retarded ass gimmick kids with slow cars use to make their cars even slower. They are hardly better than a ricer as they use visual aid to pump up their gangsta level. In reality they are completely ruining the geometry of the car, and putting unwarranted stress on many parts.

This usually consists of dropping the cars ride height much lower than what their suspension & subframe can handle.
They then put large heavy wheels to fill wheel gap, along with tires much too small both in width and sidewall to where the outer lip of the wheel sticks out of the tire bead.
Lastly instead of correcting unwanted toe and camber, they actually increase it to the breaking point.
Now they are ready to cruise at 15 mph and show how flush their car is.
Hey check out that volkswagen/lexus, it is so fitted it broke it's control arms, and the rubber bands called tires have ripped completely off!
by Turbo M3 March 18, 2011

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What Volkswagen drivers (see propellerhead *) say when they believe they have given their car the perfect "Stance". This usually involves completely ruining the geometry of the car via horrific negative camber, and a plethora of extreme rake angle using airbags. While thinking this makes their car dialed in, it actually proves how ignorant said driver is.
Propellerhead: Hey Stevie, check that volkswagen out parked in the grass. Damn that things Dialed In.
Stevie: No Propellerhead, no it's not.
by Turbo M3 March 18, 2011

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