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9/11/14/15 year old "Jessi Toxic Slaughter" posted a youtube video entitled "Muh Emotional BreakDown Over All Of You Guys Shit!" on July 15, 2010 under the account "Kerligirl13" whining about /b/ harassing her by sending pizzas to her house after posting several videos where she claimed to be "prettier than u even without makeup!!!!111!!" and telling "haterzz" that she is going to "pop a glock in your mouth and make a brain slushie". Mustache/Ankle sock man (aka Papa Bear) made a cameo appearance in the video and stated that "you dun goofed". Tumblr and worldwide internet memes ensued. See also: "Consequences will never be the same".
Mustache/Ankle sock man: "YOU DUN GOOFED! consequences will never be the same!!11!!"
by TumblrTard July 16, 2010
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