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One of the richest, pure raced communisities in the world. The residents usualy have a rather short sighted view of things, but overall, despite being slightly self centered, are good people. Do not expect to see many minorities, and any that you do have either been dregded of any ethnic traces, or are shunned quickly from the "in" crowd. Numerous exclusive country clubs dot the landscape of Lake Forest, or the "LF" as residents call it.
There are two major high schools in the area, a boarding school called Lake Forest Academy, where most of the students are boarders from out of state. The other high school is the public school, called Lake Forest High School. This establishment provides a good mix of rich children and the leff afluent of the area.
"Dude, let's hang out in LB (lake Bluff) this weekend, I just need to get out of Lake Forest for awhile..."
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