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Typically thought of as a redneck, daddy's girl, but in reality, usually an average girl of the south. She wears cowgirl boots, not neccasarily on a regular basis. She's alright with wearing dresses and lookin pretty, but, just like any other girl, prefers jeans. Country Girls coome in all shapes and sizes, and are typically not whores, meaning, some are virgins some aint. country girls love their Jason Aldean and you can't forget Sugarland, so, yes, they love country music, but they don't limit what they listen to, to jus that, they also like pop-hits, just as much. Most, I'd say, go to church, half or more, don't really give a damn though. They just go cause it's more of a ritual of the south than anything.

Most Northeners & Californians, mistake country girls and rednecks, so let me make it clear, Polk County, TN = rednecks whereas most other counties in TN, have country girls and boys, and not so many rednecks.
A: Didja know Reese Witherspoon, was raised up as a country girl ?

B: Yea, she was good friends with my aunt, back when they were youngins' like us.
by True Country Girl May 19, 2011
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