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A person who is a bit of a day dreamer, but generally happy, easy going person, just oblivious to what is going on around them.
Friend 1: Oi You total spacer i waved at you today and you ignored me

Friend 2: i didn't ignore you man, i must have been spacing!! sorry didn't see you
by Total Spacer May 24, 2010

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The language used largely by Caithness Folks but also used outside of the county. Generally gets stronger after large amounts of alcohol but can be heard used by sober people also. It is usally most prevelant on Friday and Saturday nights and can sometimes be confused with Rapid Chat.....

Waffle Nonsense is not malicious it is basically what it says on the tin!!
"Honestly How often is it the weekend?" = pain old waffle nonsense

"And then a deer jumped into the car so i jump oot and grap it in a head lock and pummeled the bugger! He'll no be trying to get a free lift from me again!" = Hero Waffle Nonsense

So then i couldnae stop laughing....why am i laughing.....please stop me laughing.....what was i talking about again.........AMSTERDAM! - Pure Waffle Nonsense!!
by Total Spacer May 24, 2010

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