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1. Ass To Mouth
2. Automated Teller Machine
3. Alice T. Mathews

1. After Endulging In Anal Sex, The "Fuckee" Enjoys Inserting The "Fuckers" Genitalia Into Their Mouth Directly From the Colon.
2. A Machine Where People Insert A Plastic Card Resembling A Credit Card, Enter A Pin Number, And Decide How Much Money They Would Like To Withdraw From A Bank Account. Where As Over Drawing Said Account Normally Provokes An Overdrafting Fee; Also If Not Used At A Machine That The Bank From Which The Card Is Issued, May Invoke A User Fee.
3. A Very Attractive Blonde Who Lives In Either New York, Ohio, or London. She Likes To Travel, Indulge In The Spirits, Ride Horses, And Especialy Loves Kittens, Cats, And Other Members Of The Feline Family
1. That Chick I Brought Home From The Bar Last Night Was A Total Freak In Bed, She Even Asked Me To Let Her Do ATM!
2. Hey Man, Can I Get A Ride To The ATM, I'm Deffinately Gonna Need Some Money At The Bar Tonight.
3. I Used To Know This ATM Chick, She Was Pretty Cool, I Wonder What She's Up To These Days
by Tiny Joe Bust December 27, 2009
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