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When a twitter user tweets multiple times without any disruption. The tweets can be on any sort of topic and completely unrelated, but must be sent back-to-back without any other twitter follower tweeting in-between. Thunder tweeters are not typically well received by people who subscribe to their tweets via text messaging because they can quickly clog up ones inbox and easily annoy the receiver. But thunder tweeting can also quickly get the attention of the twitter community if used effectively.

The origin of the term Thunder tweeting is taken from a misunderstanding in a topic that involved the Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball team.
Twitter User: What's good?

... 30 seconds later....

Twitter User: Off to work and then hitting the gym

... 18 seconds later....

Twitter User: Should have made some coffee this morning.

Multiple tweets in a short span of time = Thunder Tweeting
by Thunder Tweeter November 22, 2009
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