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This phrase is said to have originated in KS, and is used as a synonym for female and male genitalia respectively. The story goes that a young child became frightened when discovering her genitals. She screamed at her mother that there was a "coconut" in there, and she wanted it out, now! Her mother laughed and explained that she, too, had a "coconut" as did the child's grandma, and, in fact, all the other girls in the whole world. The child then said that her father did not have a coconut, he had a twizzler. The common phrasing of coconuts and twizzlers can now be found everywhere.
"Eesh, this room is full of coconuts and twizzlers!"

"Umm...please put your twizzler away."

"I'd do anything to get my hands on her coconut."
by Thorne Thornton August 29, 2011
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An adjective used to describe nouns, either proper or not, that are, by definition, creeptastic. Usually used in such a way as to describe things that are socially or visually creepy.
"That guy freaked me out, staring at me with all that creeptasticness!"

"Ugh, that dress just screams creeptasticness."

"Oooh, look, it's Creepy McCreeper in all his creeptasticness!"
by Thorne Thornton August 29, 2011
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