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A female who is second in charge and waiting for her superior to die in order to slide into the top position.
So It turns out that it wasn't an accident at all.. he was poisoned by that kamala heiress.
by Therapistcombover November 07, 2020

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The semen/lube that drips out of a sleeping person who has just been fucked.
Damn bro, I got home from raquetball she was already passed out on the couch and oozing out that corpse juice all over my brand new couch.
by Therapistcombover November 06, 2020

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The act of using snot as the primary lubricant during a movie theater hand job.
She kept on sneezing in her palm and then pulled my dick out and gave me a slimy fandango during "the passion of the christ."
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by Therapistcombover November 06, 2020

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A female who has abortions on the reg primarily as her main for of birth control but who also uses the opportunities to make guys feel bad for her.
Well well well, Ms. Carriager, you're telling me that you need to take time off work because you lost another baby?
by Therapistcombover September 13, 2020

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Short for pepperoni in pizza shop slang.
Hey pizza boy heat me up two cheese and a slice of Roni.
by Therapistcombover May 03, 2020

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The term given to a bitch after she homey hops an entire friend circle of 5 or more dudes.
Yeah dude, that new chick who works at the smoothie kiosk is hella fine but my brothers friends told me they all ratcanned her last spring break.
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by Therapistcombover November 12, 2020

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A subgenres of pornography in which the main subject is to give "birth" to an actual life size baby doll or cabbage patch kid. The onlookers are to assume that the child is presumably dead due to the lack of movement once it has been full excreted from the vagina.
Hell yeah Baby Momma, I'm into that hella kinky planned parenthood roleplay. You grab the plastic to put on the sheets and I'll start untwisting a coat hanger tonight we're gonna make another stillporn.
by Therapistcombover November 09, 2020

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