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What you call alcohol when it is used, consumed or purchased for the intent of promoting sex to occur between two or more parties.
Yeah bro, I thought I was never gonna hit it with that fat chick from DQ but all she needed to get busy was a little bit of that slut serum.
by Therapistcombover October 21, 2020

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The state of testing positive for the Covid 19 Corona virus.
Hey bro, I should have left my mask on when making out with that strangr carnie last week because my test came back and I'm COV positive.
by Therapistcombover October 14, 2020

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The state of having a sore throat due to performing too much oral sex on the previous day and/or night.
Damn girl, you're holding back alot more than is healthy, I think it's fair to diagnose you with raunchitis.
by Therapistcombover October 27, 2020

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A cocktail glass full of cum that girls typically drink at the end of blow bang or bukake porn.
Hey girl if you really want me to go through the labor of making you a mojito first you gotta show me ID, and then you've gotta make all these dudes bust in a glass and finish the entire spermino.
by Therapistcombover September 23, 2020

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The act of befriending as many black people as possible to prove that you are not racist.
Hey bro, he seriously added bella black people to his Facebook in the last 3 days.
Blood YOABOI B ON DAT' (your friend be on dat') Jamaican Frenzy.
by Therapistcombover September 29, 2020

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To insert your penis into an orifice for one stroke, ejaculate then not pull out for fear of abandonment.
The sex was blah he could only mumzert me then proceeded to fall asleep.
by Therapistcombover September 17, 2020

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When your parents tell you they donated your gifts to the poor because they didn't get you any and they don't want to admit how poor they actually are.
This year my family celebrated helping others so there was nothing under our tree.

Bro you were duped into a spanish christmas.
by Therapistcombover November 12, 2020

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