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The act of misrepresenting ones self on the internet in order to bang somebody one time. Once the banging has taken place the profile is completely erased.
I'm not gonna lie bro, I hacker stabbed your new gina before she lost all that weight.
by Therapistcombover June 15, 2020

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When your girl or mail order bride will only perform oral sex on you by spitting a mouth full of saltwater while your underwear are still on.
Hey bro I heard your wife gives a good brine choney?

Only if you're married to her.
by Therapistcombover May 03, 2020

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An irishman who chooses to seduce and or date their best friends first cousin.
Yeah bro that sneaky leprechaun asked me if I wanted to see me nudes of the chick he's been banging and it turned out to be my cousin.
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by Therapistcombover April 27, 2020

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The phat ass of a milf. Must be displayed in cut off, acid washed, high waisted Jean's, with the back pockets sewn on at extreme angles.
Damn girl Its summer get rid of those yoga pants and start showing off that yard duty butt.
by Therapistcombover April 18, 2020

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A somewhat easy, or polyamourous female who will sleep with anyone to get out of chores, housework, office tasks, hard labor, in addition to supplementing sex for monetary payment of any value.
Bro, I'm sorry that she cheated on you with your brother, your boss, the pizza shop guy and his Dad. But what did you expect when you married that RanchGirl?
by Therapistcombover July 14, 2020

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A white dude who only sleeps with as many black chicks as possible based purely on sport rather than attraction.
Hey shaqueena, So I slept with that dreadlocked white boy who always hangs out at the pizza shop.

Nah ah girl, his slutty mandela ass must have fucked on every hood rat thot I know.
by Therapistcombover July 16, 2020

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An individual who saves dried or cured semen ejaculate for the purpose of consuming at a later time similar to the relationship a diabetic has with their insulin.
So when i was done pulling out I jizzed on her butt and she layed there till i got home from work and when i walked in she flaked if off and ate it and smiled. Damn bro she is one crusty diabetic, but i still love her.
by Therapistcombover July 14, 2020

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