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Aurora is not a very common girl to find but if you find one, she's most commonly agreed by people as The most amazing girl you can have she could light up a guy's world like nobody else and will make them cry tears of joy. She's definitely the loving type and will accept all the love a guy isn't willing to put for her, she's definitely a tough cookie but also sweet, she's the smart type too and excels in a handful of activities and is know now to overwhelm others, she's commonly known as beautiful and gorgeous and may have some insecurities and tough barriers and may be argumentative but if a guy worthy enough can handle that and love her for who she is then they'd have the best relationship ever everyone needs an Aurora in their life it can definitely be a unique an amazing experience.
I'm glad I got my Aurora, She's the one!
by The_Wise_Ant September 27, 2019

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