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There are a few types of men i will explain all of them

Man 1: a type of person who is obsessed with having sex with women usually having sex with about 12 before getting maried to a women who at times will love him but when one bad thing happens will bring up all past falures as weapons against him until he is turned into the bad guy at the end of the fight this is comprised of most normel men.

Man 2: a womanizer someone who destroys womens trust in men because he has been wronged in the past by women normally posted as bad guys in Romantic comedies and such but all because of women that other women must suffer strange indeed.

Man 3: The type of man who might turn womanizer because he is such a gentleman that he has complete trust that women will treat him nice if he treats them nice they are on extremely low supply do to the fact that women that find these diamonds normally dont know what they found until they have created another womanizer who is soulbent on destroying women who have destroyed him.
Man 1: Man im gonna get some pussy tonight
(10 years later)

Man 1: were has my life gone ive had sex with 10 girls and am married to the biggest bitch in the world.

Man 2: Hello sexy how you doing tonight
Ignorant Women: oh my goodness your a real man
Next day
Ignorant Women: OH NO HE LEFT. (cries over her deception)

Man 3: My love it is for you that i wish to praise myself iternally to.
Bitch: Yea right im leaving you your clearly a fake.
by The truth about Man February 25, 2010

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