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A city on the north side of murderapolis (Minneapolis), is the new ghetto. Black people think they are the shit and own the streets, as soon as their false pride is threatened they shoot each other over stupid stuff like ex-girl friends dating some other wanna-be gang member in another city. The Mexicans live 30 to a house, have piles of beer bottles and cans all over their yards. They can also be seen passed out in their front yard with a hang over. The Asians are quiet and nice. The white people are almost never seen, seems like the whites and Asians are the only ones with actual jobs and can refrain from killing each other. The few of us Native Americans are getting the hell out of here, we're tired of being called "nigga" and being expected to join the wanna-be gang bangers.
We were driving through brooklyn park one day and seen 2 black people fighting at the bus stop, 5 mexicans sleeping on the park benches with beer bottles laying around them. We also seen the Asians racing their rice burners. Never seen a single white person though.

Next time I will remember my flash light, middle of the day and I still could not find the subway on zane.
by The long gone Native American April 11, 2011

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