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The act of at least 3 or more males performing anal sex with eachother, but in a circular formation so that everyone involved in the "gary" both gives a recieves. The gary can be as little as 3 men, or as much as a mile in diameter.

The term "gary" originated from a school in the Wake County Public School System (NC) when the administrators walked in on 3 young males performing the sexual act of the gary in an empty classroom. They were all punished, but one was hospitalized because of internal bleeding and a severe case of a prolapsed rectum.
Jim - Hey John, did you here what happened at Justin Pride's party?
John - No, what happened?
Jim - Him and two of his gay friends were garying in his room.
John - Ohh nice... shit i wish i went now
by The OG Gary-Ers October 02, 2010
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