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The best fucking fraternity ever established. Betas are known to be confident yet laid back, always look good, have the best senses of humor, mack muchos babes, give people awesome, hilarious nicknames (like first inital of first name, first syllable of last name or Jimnasium for someone named Jim), and are always and everywhere ready to give their all for their frat. Only fellows with the finest of qualities, such as natural leaders, get the honor of becoming Betas.

Best looking houses, best sounding name, best looking letters. Watch all other houses bow down as Beta rises to the top. Go Beta!

I'm not even in yet, but I've got an eye for true greatness and hopefully will be soon.
"Yo, you hittin' up dat Sigma Chi party tonight?"
"Nah man, they's a bunch of posers. Beta Theta Pi is where it's at."
by The Future KotB February 10, 2010

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