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(Josh Katz, Katz)
Coolest cat in all of Chicago.

Josh has sandy-blond hair, bright blue eyes and enjoys long walks on the beach. Josh is a closet-homosexual (not anymore!).

When it comes to hopscotch and skipping rope, there is no greater champ than Josh. He can Double Dutch like a Harlem negro girl and hopscotch like the neighborhood pedophile (which is what he is).

Warning: Contains 50% judaism.


To Josh Katz is to:

1. Be gay.
2. Fail epicly
3. Talk about a penis you don't have.
4. Have 0 friends.
5. Beat up 5+ guys with your face tied behind your back.
6. Try to give someone surprise butt sex.
7. Any mix of obscene actions/gestures which do harm to others but bring pleasure to the Inner-Katz in you

To Josh Katz can also be referred to as:

Katzin' Out
Freein the Katz
Droppin The Soap
NiHao (Some Bitches)

I saw this little girl skippin' rope like a Katz the other day, man.

My neighbor is a registered sex offender... He's the Josh Katz on the street...



So I was surrounded by 83 guys, all carrying spoons and wearing helmets(!)... so i just said... What Would Josh Katz Do.. So I tied my face behind my back and Katz'd Out on those mofos

So I logged onto WoW and entered a raid party and started to NiHao Some Bitches

My friend tried to Katz me when I dropped the soap, so I Katztrated him.
by The Fun Machine November 05, 2009

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