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NounPronounced: (classically) Th uh boht, (alternatively) You rivering cunt.

The master of the river card in poker. Often but not necessarily coming from behind to obtain the nuts on the river. First seen in 2006, was lost at sea late 2007/early 2008 but made a triumphant return in September 2008.
Spidey: Pocket Hand (AQ)
Boat: Pocket Hand (AK)
Spidey: Check
Boat: 2,000 raise
Spidey: Reluctant call

Flop: QQK

Spidey: Check
Boat: Raise 5,000
Spidey: Quick Call (note the quick call!)

Turn: A

Spidey: Check
Boat: All in
Spidey: (After being told Boat is trying to punk him) Call

Dealer: Turn em up fellas

Spidey: Full House, Queens over Aces
Boat: Noooooooo, 2 Pair, Kings and Aces

River: K

Boat: (Quickly Jumps up and inhales very deeply) Yes! That's why they call me The Boat!!! The Boat is BACK!

Spidey: (Sobs quietly in the corner)
by The Freemanator December 11, 2008
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