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Columbia, South carolina, The Arm pit of the south. Stuck right smack dab in the heart of the midlands of SC. Between the mountains where everyone is supposedly "cultured" and the Low country where everything is nicer, the beach. we have about 4 buildings to our lovely Capital and lets not forget Grouchos and McAlisters! highschool kids love to get drunk and ride out to the middle of no where with their entirely too big of trucks and waste their parents time and money, but thats ok because everyone usually goes to the lovely instate Colleges of USC, College of Charleston and Clemson! everyone loves a south carolina girl though. Let's not forget that everyone is more or less nice in this town!
Plus people get freaked out when it rains, and can't drive in it to save their lives.
- This is a typical conversation in Columbia South Carolina
A: "i thought that the civil war was over"
B: " What you just said was wrong in two senses...It's not over, and It was the war of northern aggression, my dear."
by The Fitz September 28, 2005
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