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A citizen is a laid-back, cool yet ordinary, round the way person. Anybody can be a citizen. It can be substituted with homeboy,homegirl, boo, bro, shorty or dude. It's not used in a romantic way, strictly platonic and casual.
Hey, citizen, let's check out that new joint uptown; I hear they turn up!
by The False Dawn August 27, 2017

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An avid eclipse fan who will travel any distance under any conditions to see an eclipse
He is a real eclipsy gipsy out there in all that gridlock just to see something that's going to last a couple of minutes!
by The False Dawn August 19, 2017

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talking a lot of meaningless junk
I ain't paying no attention to that; you just spittin' shakespeare!
by The False Dawn February 17, 2016

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Smells great! Adding "right" turns something bad into something awesome. It's usually preceded by "be" as in "be stankin' right".
Damn! That girl be stankin' right! What kinda cologne is THAT!
by The False Dawn January 19, 2021

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