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An indispensable member for any musical group, the Band Bitch is essentially the Pit Crew or Water Boy for a band. Without this selfless individual, the band would not have basic human needs met like hydration and nutrition. Good Band Bitches have an empathic quality that allows them to sense the needs of the band before they vocalize them. Rarely receiving monetary compensation, Band Bitches do things like running errands, taking photographs, collecting the band's tips or retrieving sustenance for the band out of a love for the music, the members or a particular member. Often, Band Bitches are or become romantic interests of a band member because the member realizes what a benefit it is to have such a selfless, helpful individual be your friend, lover and family. People of any age, sex or sexual orientation can be Band Bitches.
"I dedicate this Grammy to my Band Bitch- without his support this would have never been possible!"
by The DTrain November 03, 2008
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