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A dramatic action on skis or a snowboard in which the rider crashes and turns end-over-end four consecutive times for a 1440 degree spin. This gives them the appearence of a spinning Tomahawk, hence the name.

Featured in Warren Miller's "Playground", a ski-enthusiast movie.
Skier: "Oh man, look at that guy swerving."

Snowboarder: "Yup, he's going down."

Skier: "Wait for it...wait for it...OH! Down he goes!"

Snowboarder: "One, two, three..."

Skier: "Hell yeah! That's four turns!"

Snowboarder: "Tomahawk 1440, bitches!"

Skier: "He's gonna be feeling that for a good week!"
by The Bobamberon June 01, 2009
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A mysterious silver-and-black duck found in Lake Erie Near Toronto, Ontario in Canada. The doom duck symbolizes the end of humanity, as well as bad static.

It often dives below the water immediately after being seen, prompting many to be accused of being crazy.
Person One: "What the hell's that?"

Person Two: "Huh?"

Person One: "There! On the water! It's a freakin' Doom Duck! What ever you do, don't touch any doorknobs!"

Person Two: "Dude, I don't see jack. Lay off the acid."
by The Bobamberon June 01, 2009
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