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When a condom placed on a man's penis doesn't have enough room for the semen to collect at the tip and the semen flows all around the penis. Instead of staying trapped at the tip, the semen is now all throughout the entire condom, completely covering the penis and forms a semen-like dome resembling bologna being fried in a pan.
"I didn't leave enough of a tip at the condom when we were fucking, so the damn thing bologna domed and it took me like 5 minutes to clean up."
by The Badness August 23, 2006
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A pro-wrestling term used to describe the fans that believe the scripted story.
mark: "Man I wouldn't mess with Papa Shango man he used voodoo to make tar ooze out of the Undertaker's hair and Undertaker could whup anyone's ass"
by The badness December 04, 2006
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