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1)A combination of the words/phrases queer bag(see definition) and fag bag(see definition) often used to save time and/or stress the uncanny homosexuality being displayed by either a straigt male or homosexual male.
2)A device often used by homosexual men or straight men expressing homosexual activity(Metrosexual-see definition)that can be used to store such homosexual items/materials such as used condoms,jizz(both human and animal),dildos(both battery operated and manual),fetish items and devices,Homosexual/Male pornogrophy and any other things off a homosexual nature.
1)That guy with the ball sack in his mouth sure is a queerag bag.
2)I need to run to the store and get myself a new queerag bag since my other one is busting at the seems.
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1)The exact opposite of a Queerag bag(See Queerag bag).Often used in context with a straight male who does NOT exibit homosexual activity.
2)A straight man's scrotum.
1)A Straight sack is everything NOT found in a Queerag bag.
2)Hugh Hefner has a Straight sack.
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