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The act of shooting a stick called an arrow at a target with a bow from various distances.

It is shot at distances such as 9, 18, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 90 meters.

Bows come normally in 3 styles, longbow like the native american indians or mongolians use, compound bow that hunters use that has 2 pully ish things on the ends, and recurve bows that have a little curve near the end of the bendy part and a stiff handle in the middle. All bows also have strings.

Never tell an archer that archery is not a sport, as they will hate you and possibly kill you.

Saying "shoot a bow and arrow" or similar to an archer will result in them thinking of you as an idiot forever, but they will not hate you.

Archer: someone who shoots archery
RA: resident athlete at the olympic training center, training for the olympics
OTC: olympic training center, in chula vista california, for america
Bow: thing that shoots arrow
arrow: super expensive stick
quiver: arrow holder safety device
Range: place of shooting archery
Target: thing that is shot at
Dude you shoot a bow and arrow?

Its actually called archery but yeah.
by That awesome archer October 23, 2010

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