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A group of Suburbian wanna-be rappers that try to keep their rap game on point but really have no talent, looks, or bitches. Big Up Boys are basically raps version of the kid in grade school who ate lunch at his own table because he has no friends.
Example 1:
You: damn man, you hear the big up boys released another album?
me: na man, how the f*ck would i have heard that, they suck!
you: true, i thought maybe you listened to shitty music.
me: na man, not that shitty.

Example 2:
Me: damn, i heard the new Big up Boys music...
You: yea, was it as shitty as last time?
me: f*ck no, way worse.
you: figured

Example 3:
Me: you listen to that new big up boys LP?
Everyone: nope- been addicted to the Gdubs and Cell Phone Rappers, their sh*t is fire.
by Tha White $nappa January 17, 2014
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Rappers with the hugest king kong dongs you ever seen wrappin bout the realist shit in the world- bangin bitches and droppin em like tha hoez they is.
ME: Damn bro- we tappin so many bitches in the club we might wanna call up the Golden Wrappers a call to join their group.

You: Fuck man, shit ya you been bangin like a Gdub (Golden Wrapper) non stop.

Me: Too bad the Golden Wrappers are so tyte we can't even make the cut, our D's aint big enough.
by Tha White $nappa January 17, 2014
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