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Beaner is often mistaken for a "lazy" mexican border-hopping spic.
Thats not the case. You cant honestly call beaners "lazy"
They work on roofs from like 6AM til until dark....They work on yard's all day long....and will usually cover about a 55 mile radius of yards in that period of time.
They work on cars....and good at it.....REAL good at it....
They're not lazy.....but they are border-hopping spics.
Ok, i was driving down a road when i saw my friend (on the left hand side of the street) cuttin the grass of the first house. On the other side of the street (the RIGHT hand side of the street) about five "Beaners" were cuttin the first house on that side......about an hour later, i was drivin back, my friend was on the second house, while the beaners were done with the street already. (the street consisted of ten houses)..................so dont call em lazy....oh yeah, and they were workin for bout 20 dollars cheaper then my friend.....(my friend was gettin paid 27 dollars)
by Texas_Rebel October 18, 2005
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