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(cv) or "Creepy Voice": An annotation to denote or indicate that the topic being discussed, read or sent via text is to be reinterpreted in a salacious or perverse manner, by the listener or reader, with the understanding that it is heard in the voice of a creepy hoarse guy that one would expect to see staring at jailbait wearing a greasy raincoat in a peep booth in an adult bookstore, with his hands in pockets that have been cut out.
"Do you have an extra Scantron?" (cv)

"I think an appropriate intervention would be to keep a bladder log." (cv)

"Wow, did you see the teeth on that Barracuda?" (cv)

"Hey! I got a scholarship!" (cv)

"The JP drain is closed with a stopcock....." (cv)
by Team Michaels May 15, 2011

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