4 definitions by TeaganJ

the best day to have your 2 month anniversary with your boyfriend called bastie I love him so much and I can't believe it's been 2 months already
friend 1: what day is it

friend 2: it's November 20th
friend 1: I have been with my boyfriend for 2 months
friend 2: congratulations
by TeaganJ November 17, 2019
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the name for a selfish and ugly girl. everyone she meets hates her and they want to stay away from her. she is impossible to love because she's very indecisive when it comes to boys. she isn't loyal and is most likely to cheat on you. she attracts a bastie as her only friend because she is lonely
girl 1: I hate her

girl 2: she's such an Erin
by TeaganJ October 08, 2019
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The day where every time you see your girlfriend you have to kiss her on the lips, it doesn’t matter where you are. It’s better if it’s in front of people because it shows that you care about her and are not ashamed to be with her.

If you don’t do this then your girlfriend has to break up with you
The 19th of November is the best day to kiss your gf at school
by TeaganJ November 18, 2019
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an amazing, cute, rich boy who is the best boyfriend anyone could have. he is always honest and he takes care of everyone. he's always there as your shoulder to cry on and he will love you unconditionally, he makes mistakes but he always shows how he's sorry. he's shy when you first meet him and he's secretly really romantic, any girl would be lucky to have him.
by TeaganJ October 08, 2019
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