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Yert is a popular phrase pioneered by Sam 'Yert' Martin in fairness he only made up Yert because of his ridicularse speach impedement its fucking hilarious. Sam Martin gets annoyed when you say YERT to him or HizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzYert this is because hes a cunt. When he gets angry he says Prffffffffffffffffffft which is another speach impedement Red also uses Prfffffffffffffffffffft for comedic value.
Sam 'Yert' Martin- Yert Ite
Murton- Yert
Rozza P- Yert Fuckin Yert
Red- Prfffffffffffffffffft aaaaaaaaaaYert
Sam 'Yert' Martin- Prfffffffffffffffffft/Yert FUCK YOU!
by Taylor Has A Tan June 14, 2008
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