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Dave can have many meanings and has a variety of uses;

1) Someone who is being that 'guy,' or would have all of the characteristics and behaviors one named David would possess. (Noun)

2) That shit that will take you to the moon; make you Chinese eyed. (Noun)

3) Being dumb or doing something stupid (Adjective)

4) Someone who is from LA, drinks out in public, who will step over any line, whose long hair doesn't cover their redneck, or who lets their bulldog mouth overload their puppy dog ass. (Noun)

5) Self employed Taxi Driver in Sacramento California. The Big Cat. Known for singing it, slapping it, and that's that. (Noun)
1) "Don't call me Dave." "You are being such a Dave right now."

2) "Got any of that dave?" "Pass that Dave." "Let's smoke that Dave."

3) "Quit Daving around right now." "He was pretty Dave last night."

4) "Your name is Dave."

5) "You are Dave." Answer: "You know who I am."

"Taxi Dave, Taxi Dave, Taxi Dave, Taxi Dave"
by TaxiDave April 22, 2013

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