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Hott guy witha DOPE bestfriend. Conner is awesome. Really cute, nice, funny,
nerdy. My everything. So many memories with this fagg that i know fo sho his
specail day he would never forget is September 27th woot woot. I love him more
then a friend but hes happily taken so my lost. Hes a CHRISTIAN! he is wanting
to go to the "Military". His familys tradition. I looove his mom n sister! their
sooo awesome too! He short btw but soon will be TOWERIN over me! He means the
world to me and i want him back weither he knows it or not. Btw Hes my
"SPIDERMAN" :] & i guess im his "Princess":] That one dude conner also Promised me hes gunna watch the notebook with me. His bestfriend loves the movie marley&Me.
Conner should give "babygirl" another chance! :]
by Tarrawr April 19, 2009

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