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Something that at first was a good investment(or buy) But then over time it fucks up(without prior mention from publishers or creators)And it makes you question, "Why Did I Get This?", "Had I Knew This Shit Earlier I Would Not Had Got This" or "They Should Have Fixed This Before Releasing This?" Thous Making It a Mis-Investment
Person 1: Damn, Should Have Not Gotten Black Ops, Was a Total Mis-Investment -_-
Person 2: Why's That?
Person 1: Because It Be Fuckin Up, Be Glitchin Like a Motherfucker
Person 2: So!!!
Person 1, They Should have fixed this shit before i got it, It's a Mis-Investment
by Tarif 91 January 24, 2011

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A Term to mock or make fun of New York Jet Quarterback Mark Sanchez... Should be used whenever he has or has been having a bad game or whenever he commits a turnover(Interception, Fumbles etc..)

Note: Can Be Used to Make Fun Of The Jets Also
Sports Announcer: Mark Sanchez Is having a horrible 2nd half

Jet Fan, Dirty Sanchez

Football Fan, Haha Dirty Sanchez
by Tarif 91 January 08, 2011

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