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1. A person who waves his arm infront of a bunch of musicians.
Normally, a conductor thinks the musicians that he is conducting is actully watching him.
But, in reality, more then half of the times, they are just wondering off or too busy sight reading their music.
2. A guy who has actully been through a LOAD of boring music theory class. Where he learned weird stuff such as what is a V7/V chord and how it will be resolved to a I chord in another key. Normally is WAY more knowledgeable then any other person that he is leading
1. Conductor: "You guys need to WATCH ME!"
Violin player: "Okay..."
Trombone player: "I can't see you"
Tuba player: "ZZZzzz... ZZZzzz... HUH?"
Flute player: "...... *fidgets flute, look at stand*"
Trumpet player: "ummm... say what?"
Precussion player: "Blah, my tempo marking is better then yours"

2. Conductor #1: Did you notice? There is a phrasing from measure 4 to measure 26 and then the key changes to the realtive minor, and the mode is a phyrgian mode!
Conductor #2: Yeah! Then on measure 28, there is a V7/V chord, it is held until measure 31 then its finally resloved into a 1 chord in the key of F
Conductor #1: Totally! And they should play softer during this pianissssssssimo pessage... and WAY LOUDER during this Fortissssssssimo pessage
*Both conductor laughs evily as other musicians stares at him wondring what the hell did they just say*
by Tao or Toa August 17, 2005
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