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a great combination of everyone's favorit Final Fantasy characters, and everyone's old favorites like Goofy, and Donald... also is one of the greatest idea's on earth
In Kingdom Hearts you have to fight a team of Cloud and Squall.
by Tai Gainsborough November 28, 2003
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A scary game for the PS2 that deals with ghosts, from the looks of it the game is somewhere along the storyline of The Ringu. You play as a young girl who went to a haunted mansion to find her bro. While there you find his magic camera that defeats ghosts, and you get caught up in an adventure to stop the evil in the mansion. The feeling you get playing this game is sorta like that feeling you get when you play Silent Hill 3 in the dark.
While Fatal Frame is a scary game, the controls are sorta confusing sometimes.

Fatal Frame will is the game to get if you want to know just how bad ghosts are.
by Tai Gainsborough April 10, 2004
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