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Former member of the group Destiny's Child who is from Houston,Texas. Also the HOTTEST one in the group right next to Beyonce. She has a great voice and a great body to go with it. Destiny's Child sucks without her. Anyone that says she sucks is a fuckin LOSER!
I am a fan of Destiny's child's old song when LeToya Luckett was still famouse. It sucks that she left the group.

LeToya still rulz!
'Say my name'
by The THRASH!!! October 22, 2005

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A classic rock band, known for their most famouse album "back in black" and originated in Autrailia. AC/DC actually stands for
"Anti-Christ/Devil Child". Most posers don't know that. One of the best Classis Rock bands from the 80s.

AC/DC rules!
Poser: Yo, i'm listening to "Back in Black" by the metal band AC/DC

Rockstar:AC/DC is not metal you moron, do you even know what it stands for?

Poser: ummm.... AirConditioning/DisCharge,see ACDC

Rockstar: Get lost poser *Rockstar plays "thunderstruck", poser burns*
"You couldn't even spell AC/DC moron,you forgot the thunderbolt".
by THE THRASH!!! November 24, 2005

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