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A country that has been controlled by women (e.g. the Netherlands)
Netherlands stands as a fine example of a Pussy Whipped Nation. In this country men have to kindly ask to their girlfriends/partners whether they can go out for a drink with their mates after dinner. This request is frequently denied to men because, if granted, women would have to wash the dishes and clean the house in that night.

Other relevant social practices and understandings in a Pussy Whipped Country such as the Netherlands are:

Men take paternity leave from work when their partners have a baby. The reason for this is that women don't find it fair to jeopardise their careers because of the drawbacks of maternity leave.

Men look like women dressed as men. Women look like men dressed as women.

When men gather around a table for some drinks they constantly make jokes about each other. They find it ridiculous being men. When women gather around a table for some drinks they make jokes about their men. They find them ridiculous as well.

When men buy a boat, women fill the deck with flower pots, chairs, and tables so that the boat cannot sail and distract men from their household duties. Amsterdam is filled with these ‘flower-potted boats’.

When men get ill, women feel abused because then they have to get the groceries from the shop, wash the dishes, cook, mop the floor, and do other lowly male activities.
by T-Student Distributed March 07, 2012
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