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The swim and dive team obviously has two parts. Swim, and dive. Bothsides usually wil wear a skin tight suit known as a jammer, or the stereotypical speedo. Swimmers are some of the most chill athletes next to XC runners. Swim teams usually will have pasta partys to carb up the night before. (Swim team is usually refered to both swim and dive). When someone pokes fun at the skin tight suits, the team will stick together, and scare the sh*t out of that person for dissing the jammer. It takes just as much skill and determination to be a swimmer as it does to be a long distance runner.
Non-swimmer: Heeyyyooo faggg hows the speedo commin along ?? hehe
Swimmer 1: Fuck you man
Swimmer 2: You messin with my buddy here? Do I HAVE to knock you the fuck out?
Non-swimmer: Nonononono I was just kiddin! I Swwear!!
Swimmer 2: Thats right you were kiddin!
Swimmer 1: Let's ditch this popsicle stand and get to Swim and Dive practice
by Swim/Run August 19, 2011
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