10 definitions by Suuuiiii

Another way of showing love to someone for something they have done for you, if someone holds the door open for you you say lightaa, it’s another way of saying thank you
Tommy:takes 75% of his hair off to give to someone bold
The bold guy: lightaa so much
by Suuuiiii January 04, 2022
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You will be very lucky to have a Mustafa in your life, he is kind and helpful. When you look into his eyes you just feel a very special delight in your soul, you feel as if you have accomplished something, Mustafa gives people hope. If you have a Mustafa in your life stay in good terms with him and don’t waste it, you are a lucky person
Abyaan:can you please help me cook this curry
Mustafa: of course

Kan:puts in 2 cups of water
Mustafa: what are you doing we are trying to help
See, Mustafa always backs you
by Suuuiiii January 04, 2022
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Your mum is gay, your dad is gay, your brother is gay, your sister is gay, your whole family is gay🙂😄
Teacher:what’s something special about you
trevor:I am shznjeieb
by Suuuiiii January 03, 2022
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Azaan is a name. Normally someone called Azaan is the kindest man you will ever meet, but he seriously needs help, some of his family are shznjeieb, Azaan feels trapped, please help him. A leng and kind man deserves so much better. And let’s not forget he has to suffer with that annoying uncle, please help Azaan as soon as possible. He needs to be shown kindness by someone who is not annoying. Azaan has the best friends in the world, they always help him, Azaan will help you anytime aswell
Mustafa:Azaan, I’m sorry you have an annoying uncle

Azaan:Don’t worry, it’s not your fault
by Suuuiiii January 06, 2022
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Another word for hello, used when meeting someone or talking to someone on the phone
Azaan:Tap, how are you
Ramandeep:I’m good thank you for asking
by Suuuiiii January 04, 2022
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someone or something that is ugly, your basically clapped with no questions asked, people love to stay far way from you, you stink like shit, use a lota
Terry: Why are you not talking to me, it looks like your trying to avoid me
Ahmed: You are walled to be completely honest
by Suuuiiii January 04, 2022
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nothing to do with food, but someone who doesn’t except the truth, someone’s who annoying, no one likes them but everyone likes his nephew
Emmad and Mueez: We need our money, you owe us £350
Muneeb: I don’t remember I don’t

Emmad and Mueez: Oh my days your so vegan
by Suuuiiii January 04, 2022
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