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David Hasselhoff was one of the artists who performed on the stage of the big party in Berlin, back in the days the berlin wall - and with it the iron curtain - felt. Since then, the Hoff is a cult icon in Germany.
His song "i am looking for freedom" is still asociated with this happening and its zeitgeist.
Most germans know that its trashy kitsch kult about him, they take it with a smile.
part its a little bit like that chuck norris thing, part it's the remember of the night the divided country became one nation again.
David Hasselhoff wore black leather and drove a speaking computer-car. He was like MADE for the German audience of '89.
thats the tale of the Hoff and the Germans
by Sugardaddy T February 25, 2008

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the act of slaping someone with your dick (for further information see cockslap ) and to cum whilst doing that. best time to do it is when your lady drank enough bräu.
Results may vary but in best case it looks like a realy tricky skiing slalom on her face
dude #1: we went to winter sports hollyday last year to wallberg in germany. at our first night in the hotel I gave my bitch a german ski-slope.

dude #2: High five, mein freund!
by Sugardaddy T February 26, 2008

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