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A peanut statue that shits on the floor and snaps peoples necks when they blink simultaneously.
by Subscribe2PewDiePie September 17, 2019
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a fucking shit jet that this dumb cunt TheProfessional thinks it's the best dogfighter in the game but it ain't
oh this chump just pulled out a B-11 Strikeforce lemme go fuck him up with my P996 Lazer
by Subscribe2PewDiePie September 14, 2020
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a music label on the outside but a secret gay porn studio under their headquarters where everyone gets a bit of action
if you keep this out of ud u r gay and have gay orgeys in tseries hq
ever wondered y people call t-series tgay? ITS BCOZ THEY MAKE GAY PORN
by Subscribe2PewDiePie March 17, 2019
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how idiots who don't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' say 'your mother'
Down Syndrome kid: I fucked you're mother last night.
Joe: Retard, it's 'your mother' not 'you're mother'.
by Subscribe2PewDiePie March 29, 2021
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